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Kaja is a two-storey, north-east facing, corner block home designed by Torren Bell. It is a modern, four-bedroom, open plan residence which has utilised its space to feel larger than expected.  The block owns a street front, with an iconic Hills Weeping Fig tree which was unable to be removed due to its size and council restrictions. However, the design and access around this tree truly make this home stand out amongst its neighbours.

From the street, Kaja has an incredible façade due to its use of various building elements and textures. Mixing between brick, steel, cladding, glass, concrete and greenery highlighted by custom aluminium framed window hoods. Visually it is a romance to behold.  Being on a corner block, the design and build quality had to extend from the norm to continue the façade around one whole side of the home. Privacy is then achieved from the window coverings internally, as to not take away from the exterior look of the project.

The interior continues to showcase the elements from the exterior with its collaboration of stone, timber flooring, cladding, tiles, and sleek glass balustrade. The standout feature in this home is the use of pendant lighting, hand blown Soktas glass design which almost appears as art.




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