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Hedges Haven was a renovation stemmed from an original knockdown and rebuild. Due to the clients situation, we suggested a smaller degree of construction, therefore allowing them a faster process and date for handover. They completely loved the idea and Hedges Haven was born. Transforming an original beachfront shack to a contemporary oasis was throroughly enjoyable. We insisted that the living space be upstairs , so as to make the most of the sea views and breeze. We also enlisted the help of the talented Evoque Interiors team to create the haven the clients desired. Once the renovation was complete, we were then subsequently asked to build a pool and outdoor area. Due to the location, we had to gain approvals to have earthmovers access via the beach -a first for the Gold Coast.  This project has ticked all the boxes and our client is thrilled with the final product.




Before I met Tony I dreaded dealing with builders. We bought a house that was always going to be a knockdown. After looking at it for a few weeks and discussing with Tony, we thought that the place had great potential as its bones were good. Before going any further, Tony arranged an engineer to look at it so that we could be certain.

Our home was then completely renovated which saved us millions of dollars and we ended up with a home that we feel we are happier with. We had a lot of enjoyment working on this project with Tony.

This would not be possible without Tony and his team at Clamroc Constructions as they really care about the process and listen to your thoughts. The whole process was a pleasure, I cannot recommend Clamroc enough as they are the first construction company I have ever dealt with that deliver more than what you say.


Hugh Ellis


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